Corrie Tour

Coronation Street: The Tour was a marvellous former tourist attraction at the Old Granada Studios site, that was open between April 2014 and December 2015 prior to redevelopment at the end of 2016. On the tour you walked through the studios taking in sights such as the green room and dressing rooms, plus saw a multitude of costumes and props from the show. Fans were guided into the main studio where they saw the sets for Carla's old flat, The Kabin, No. 8, No. 9, Underworld and The Rovers Return (where they could get their photo taken behind the bar). The main attraction was access to the exterior set itself which visitors could walk around unguided at their leisure, and stay for as long as they wished. Below are items I either bought or are paraphernalia from the tour such as flyers and booklets.

Coronation Street: The Tour Keyring

Probably the smallest piece of merchandise I purchased on the tour, this keyring had an awful habit of falling off of my keys every single day!

Tour tickets

I can't describe the immense feeling of getting these tickets through my door! The realisation of finally having the chance to be on the Coronation Street set was brilliant.

Tour leaflet

I had these on a table at my last exhibition as an example of tour paraphernalia and had to remove them following several people picking them up believing they were there to be taken!

Coronation Street: The Tour drawing by Paul Lanagan

Special thanks to Paul Lanagan of Corrie Art who gave me a copy of this drawing he did which was signed by all of the tour guides at Coronation Street: The Tour.

Tour photograph

...and what a way to conclude this page with a photo of me and my mum pretending we're Rovers bar staff.