Daisy Nook

The Daisy Nook Garden Centre in Failsworth, Manchester is a truly lovely place and owned by one of the most funniest men I've ever had the opportunity to meet. Mark Llewellin is said owner, and prior to working at the garden centre he worked alongside many cast and crew of Coronation Street. When he took ownership of the centre a number of years ago he turned one room into a Coronation Street exhibit. In 2016, the exhibit closed to allow more space for the garden centre and I was lucky enough to obtain some of Mark's impressive collection of memorabilia. Whilst what I got from Mark is listed below, it is also featured on pages specific to each item category.

Newton and Ridley Beermats

The first beermat is possibly the oldest in my collection, it is circular and has writing on the back noting that it was from the Rovers Return, Coronation Street, July 3rd 1975. I also have three further Newton and Ridley beermats, a purple one from the late 1970s, a green one from the late 1980s, and a one which I think is from the Granada Studios Tour.

Roy Cropper's Jumper from the 2000 Live Episode

This is a S.O.S (Save Our Street) jumper from the 40th Anniversary Live Episode that the main characters wore in a bid to prevent the cobbles being lifted off of Coronation Street and tarmac laid down. It was purchased by Mark Llewellin for his Coronation Street exhibition at Daisy Nook and believed to have been worn by Roy Cropper (David Neilson). With special thanks to Mark Llewellin for the authenticity letter.

Newton and Ridley Pump Sign

If I'm honest I'm not entirely sure where this is from, possibly from the set but more likely to be one used on the Granada Studios Tour during the 1980s and 1990s.

Publicity Photos

These wonderful postcard sized images of Jack and Annie Walker and the cast of the mid 1980s are fantastic.

Bet and Alec's Carriage Clock

This is the carriage clock featured in episodes 3431 (31st August 1992) and 3432 (2nd September 1992). The Gilroy's were set for a new life in Southampton, and Betty used money collected in the Rovers from the regulars to purchase this clock for them as a leaving present. Eventually, Alec left Weatherfield alone and Bet stayed for a few more years. The clock was eventually donated by Roy Barraclough to the Daisy Nook Corrie exhibiton, which is where we obtained it. With thanks to previous owner Mark Llewellin for the letter of authenticity. 

Alec Gilroy Castcard

This is a signed photograph of Alec Gilroy (Roy Barraclough) who appeared on the show first in the early 1970s, and again from the mid 1980s to the end of the 1990s. Roy is a great friend of Mark Llewellin still to this day.

Hayley Cropper's Dress

Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh) was one of the most iconic characters in all of Coronation Street history. This dress was previously displayed at the Daisy Nook Garden Centre, and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity written by previous owner Mark Llewellin.

Corrie! Paraphernalia

A brochure, flyer and ticket from Jonathan Harvey's comedic stage show 'Corrie!' that premiered in 2010 around the time of Coronation Street's 50th anniversary.

Bet Lynch's Scarf

This leopard print scarf is VERY Bet Lynch! It was given to Mark Llewellin of the Daisy Nook Garden Centre and displayed within his Coronation Street exhibition. Special thanks to Mark for authenticating the item.

Lights Camera Location by Mark Llewellin

This lovely little booklet features a look at a number of filming locations across Northern England from film and television, with a handy section for Coronation Street.

Coronation Street: Out of Africa Screening Invite

Coronation Street: Out of Africa was a direct-to-DVD special featuring the Brown family (Cilla, Fiz, Chesney) and Kirk in Africa. This is an invite for the screening of the film which jokes on the back "don't forget it will never be shown on TV!"... somewhat of a joke regarding the QE2 video in 1995.

Roy's Rolls Apron

From the wardrobe at Granada Television, this is a genuine apron as seen in Roy's Rolls Cafe, and probably worn by Roy Cropper. As it was previously displayed at the Daisy Nook Garden Centre, Corrie expert Mark Llewellin has authenticated the item.

Sunliners Travel Agency Leaflet

Fancy a holiday? This leaflet prop is from the QE2 direct-to-VHS special that was released in 1995. Alec Gilroy worked for the travel agency and upon his return to Weatherfield in 1996, worked in the Rosamund Street branch.

Weatherfield Gazette - 21st December 1992

This copy of the Weatherfield Gazette is from late 1992, and is probably still sat in The Kabin today. Recent years of the show have often seen multiple editions of the paper in one scene at once, with Rita simply amassing a collection of them.

Coronation Street: The Video Script

This is the complete script for the direct-to-VHS film 'Coronation Street: The Video' otherwise known as the QE2 Special, which featured Alec Gilroy's return to the serial, with Rita, Mavis, Curley and Raquel on the famous cruise ship.

Coronation Street: The Video Publicity Photo

This is the original photograph from the direct-to-VHS special Coronation Street: The Video, that was used on the cover of the VHS release. It is signed by Roy Barraclough (Alec Gilroy).

Locations Documents

This location document is for the episodes around Betty and Billy Williams' wedding. The church used for filming is listed, and a branch of Iceland in Cheetham Hill, which was probably used for filming of Firman's Freezers at the time.

Episode Outline Document

A document detailing the events for episode 6345 (28th July 2006), a full synopsis can be found by clicking on the link and reading the Corriepedia page.