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Jean Alexander Auction

On 17th May 2017, auctioneers Thomson Roddick sold personal effects belonging to adored actress Jean Alexander who portrayed Hilda Ogden on Corrie from 1964 to 1987. There was lots of Coronation Street related items within the auction that I was keen to get my hands so I signed up and bidded. Firstly, I could not afford the £4,200 that Hilda's iconic curleys, pinny and headscarf sold for, and secondly I had an unforgettable experience on the day of the auction. I wrote about it over at the Coronation Street Blog if you care to read it here...

Auction Catalogue

This is a pretty self explanatory item, but to those that don't know, this A4 booklet details the specific items being sold on the day of the auction and other relevant information.

Jean Alexander Castcards

I think I already have the first of these two lovely photographs of Jean, though its lovely to have one that isn't signed too. One is from much earlier in her career whilst the other is from her post-Hilda years.

Item Tags

I actually have four of these, though one is currently still attached to one item. 

11th Anniversary of Coronation Street Party Invite

This little piece of metal is Jean's invitation to the 11th Birthday Party of Coronation Street in December 1971. I scanned it in and every single scratch and fingerprint has shown up across it, although they aren't as evident when looking at the item in person.