As well as the props, documents and costumes that I have in my collection, I also have a number of pieces of Coronation Street merchandise that have been sold in stores. 


I have five official and unofficial Coronation Street books published across the years. These are as follows:
Books by Glenda Young 
Deirdre: A Life on Coronation Street
Norman Bates with a Briefcase: The Story of Richard Hillman
The Little Book of Carla Connor
The Official Coronation Street Colouring Book
Coronation Street Blog: The Book (with the Coronation Street Blog team, including myself)
Books by Daran Little
The Coronation Street Story
 The Coronation Street Story: 35 Years
40 Years of Coronation Street
Books by Bill Hill
The Street: Issue 3
Books by Daran Little and Bill Hill
Weatherfield Life: A Portrait of the Street
Books by Graeme Kay
Life in the Street
Books by Graham Nown
Coronation Street 25 Years 1960-1985
Books by Mark Llewellin
Lights Camera Location
Books by H.V. Kershaw
The Street Where I Live
Early Days
Trouble at the Rovers
Elsie Tanner Fights Back
Books without authors
Coronation Street Cook Book from Woman Magazine 1963
Annual 1997
Coronation Street Annual 2011
Coronation Street 1000 Episodes TV Times Souvenir Edition
Coronation Street Wedding Souvenir

'Singalong at the Rovers Return' 7" Vinyl Record

Although I have both this record and a record player, I'm absolutely terrified to play it as I have a feeling it will be genuinely rather dreadful.

'Coronation St: The first 40 years' Card Game

This unique card game was realised to coincide with Coronation Street's 40th Birthday in 2000. It was kindly donated to my collection by Paul Lanagan.

Corrie! Paraphernalia

A brochure, flyer and ticket from Jonathan Harvey's comedic stage show 'Corrie!' that premiered in 2010 around the time of Coronation Street's 50th anniversary.

Character Masks

These are pretty self explanatory, and pretty horrifying with their eyes carved out. Aaaah!

Sean Tully Notebook

This Sean Tully Notebook was gifted to me as part of being a writer for the Coronation Street Blog, and is available through a current range of Coronation Street merchandise alongside similar items.

Newton and Ridley Coasters

These sets of four foam coasters based upon the famous Newton and Ridley beermats were released as part of the original 'The Street' merchandise from the 1990s.