The Press Department

Everything from publicity photographs sent to newspapers and magazines, to autographed castcards and letters from cast.

Publicity Photographs

Glossy photographs from the early 80s and 90s, featuring many famous and well known characters such as Stan and Hilda Ogden, Liz and Jim McDonald, Mavis and Derek Wilton, Des Barnes and Alec Gilroy. Most of the photos have official Granada press statements on the reverse with relevant episode details.  There's also some wonderful images of Jack and Annie Walker, and the cast around 1986. I also have the original publicity photo for the VHS cover of Coronation Street: The Video, signed by Roy Barraclough.

Castcards and Autographs

Through writing to the cast and the production office or purchasing them off eBay, I have also obtained a large collection of official Coronation Street castcards. Some are not signed, some are, and some are preprinted - they are all below.