The Writing Room

This section is dedicated to documents regarding Coronation Street such as scripts and other pieces relating to production of the show.


I have complete scripts for episodes 5017 (9th April 2001), 5731 (9th April 2004)5795 (5th July 2004), 6655 (1st October 2007), 6674 (29th October 2007), 7122 (17th July 2009), 7188 (19th October 2009), 7422 (10th September 2010), 7449 (18th October 2010) and 7485 (7th December 2010, from Tram Crash Week) plus the Coronation Street: The Video VHS special, otherwise known as the QE2 special. All details for episodes come from the Corriepedia.

Script Excerpts

I have multiple incomplete scenes and script pages from across the recent years of Coronation Street. I have included an example of these above. Many of the pages are watermarked with the owners name- William Roache (Ken), Brooke Vincent (Sophie), Alan Halsall (Tyrone), David Neilson (Roy), Debbie Rush (Anna) and Julie Heskin (Director). 

Filming Schedules

This particular filming schedule is for episodes broadcast between 2nd November 2015 (episode 8763) and 6th November 2015 (episode 8768)

Episode Outline Documents

A document detailing the events for episode 6345 (28th July 2006), a full synopsis can be found by clicking on the link and reading the Corriepedia page.